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It is a frosty Christmas Day. A Swiss skiing vacation for gentleman spy Hawke and his son Alexei turns deadly when a malfunctioning support cable upends their aerial tram, leaving it hanging by a thread at twelve thousand feet. During a chaotic helicopter rescue, the boy mysteriously goes missing.

To save his son, Hawke summons his trusted colleagues, Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, Ambrose Congreve and former U.S. Navy SEAL, Stokley Jones Jr., and recruits a crack Hostage Rescue Team—a group of elite soldiers of fortune known as “Thunder and Lightning.”

But an unexpected threat complicates their mission….

In Moscow, Vladimir Putin’s world is sinking in a hellish quagmire of political infighting and assassination attempts on his life. Desperate to escape a bloody coup, Putin secures the presidential jet for a midnight run out of Russia. But things quickly go awry. A “malfunction” in the aircraft’s oxygen system forces Putin to bail out into the night skies over France…Making his way to “Falcon’s Lair,” the former Nazi complex created for Hitler in the Alps, the ever wily and calculating Putin is amassing an impressive armory that he intends to deploy for his triumphant return to Moscow. 

Hawke has had his share of high stakes assignments—but nothing comes close to the nail-biting suspense created by two loudly ticking time bombs. One: the race to find the fiend who has taken his son. The other: to find the madman who is planning an armed invasion of Switzerland, the result of which could rip civilization to shreds. Could it be, Hawke begins to wonder, that the two villains are really one and the same? 

Only one man can smash the Russian president’s plan for domination—a master counterspy who will cross every line to save his son . . . and maybe save the world itself in the bargain.

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